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Blooming Good Tips For Spring Garden DIY

Blooming Good Tips for Spring Garden DIY
Blooming Good Tips for Spring Garden DIY
Blooming Good Tips for Spring Garden DIY

Prepare for your Spring garden DIY projects

The sun is out, you’re feeling inspired and ready to start gardening and giving your outside living space a facelift. Spring garden DIY projects are made easy with TimBuild CSB (Springs). Basic pine picket fencing or trellis can be transformed into beautiful eye catching focus points. But to ensure the best results, make sure that your project stands the test of time.

When using pine outdoors there are different options to coat and protect the wood, from water-based varnishes and sealants to oil-based enamel coatings. Wood stains are absorbed by the wood and mimic the colour of a particular species of wood. Varnish is a clear, transparent coating that lies on top of the wood. Varnish is durable and hard and comes in a variety of sheens – from matte to glossy.

With proper preparation there is no reason why you cannot paint exterior timber. A splash of colour instantly transforms a living space and creates the opportunity to add a very personal touch to your project. When using an oil-based paint outdoors, apply the correct wood primer and allow it to dry, apply a universal undercoat and then two coats of your top coat paint that completely cover all surfaces of the wood.

TimBuild CSB can assist in choosing the right covering for your spring garden DIY project. We stock a variety of well-known paint brands and products.

Blooming Good Tips for Spring Garden DIY
Blooming Good Tips for Spring Garden DIY

Essential Spring garden DIY products

Woodoc 30 Exterior polywax sealer:  This is a low-gloss sealer for general outdoor applications that offers excellent UV-protection and water repellence and has a wax fraction that feeds the wood.

Medal Sanding Sealer: This is a silky smooth transparent wood filler and sealer, which is used to fill any slight imperfections (open grain) in timber before a topcoat of wood varnish is applied.

Colortone Wood Varnish:  This is a oil based wood coat, a two in one lead free wood coating that acts as a sealer and a varnish to protect all types of exterior and interior wood from the suns harsh ultra- violet rays .

ProNature Outdoor: This product is produced from all natural and sustainable ingredients it’s water repellent, UV resistant, easy to apply and maintain.

Now it’s time to get cracking. Visit TimBuild Stellenbosch for excellent deals on Pine Trellis, Picket Fences and Gates and get expert advice on selecting the right products to protect your project.

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