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Exterior Pine Plywood

Exterior Pine Plywood

Lightweight & Affordable

Pine plywood utilises the same water-resistant glue that is used in commercial exterior ply manufacturing. But as pine is a soft wood, pine plywood does not have the same durable external-use application as commercial exterior plywood. It does have its uses though, mainly interior. Because pine ply is one of the lightest plywoods, it’s easier to work with and easier to move anything you’ve built around. It’s also much more affordable than other plywood options.

Pine ply is available in various grades – from c/c which features knots on both sides of the wood, to b/c which has knots only on one side, to b/b which is knotless altogether. At TimBuild CSB in Springs, we generally stock b/c and b/b grades, but we gladly source the other grades, including basic crating ply.

Exterior Pine Plywood
Exterior Pine Plywood
Exterior Pine Plywood

Good To Use For

Pine plywood can be used for wall and roof sheathing, subfloors and general joinery. It’s also the ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and woodworking hobbyists. Make anything from bookcases and cupboards, to bed frames, chairs and even tables. Pine plywood paints well, so this low-cost wood is a particularly good choice for making bash-friendly children’s furniture.

Exterior Pine Plywood Specs

Standard Sizes

8 x 4 = 2440mm x 1220mm


6mm | 12mm | 15mm

Please check availability of thicknesses

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