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Plascon Paint

Plascon Paint

Plascon Double Velvet, Plascon Cashmere, and Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms now come with a remarkable 15-year guarantee; and Plascon Velvaglo & Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based have a 12-year guarantee.
Plascon Paint

12 Year Guarantee

Plascon Wall & All comes with the Unique Dirt Barrier™ formulation – a unique polymer chemistry for the ultimate protection against dirt. Plus, there’s a remarkable 12-year guarantee for this exterior coating.

Keep Walls Protected For Years

Plascon Micatex has truly stood the test of time and is an extremely durable UV-resistant water-based coating with a fine texture. Plascon Micatex comes with a Unique WeatherTough™ formulation for defence against the toughest weather conditions. WeatherTough™ in combination with Mica for stretch and Marble for strength will keep your walls protected for years. Plascon Micatex is now backed by a quality guarantee of 12 years.

UV-Resistant Water-Based

Plascon also offers a 12-year quality guarantee on its premium roof brand, Nuroof Cool, thanks to its quality UV-resistant water-based acrylic roof coating with infrared reflective technology with a minimum Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of 30%. Plascon specialist ranges for contractors, primers, undercoats, metal care and varnishes have stood the test of time.

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