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Meranti PAR

Meranti & Hardwood PAR

Planed All Round

Our meranti PAR is machine-planed all round, making for smoothsplinter-free surfaces and wood that’s ready to work with right awayAs meranti is a hardwood, it is much stronger than pine PAR, making it very suitable for outside use. It’s also beautiful to look at, with no knots and a light brown to darker reddish brown colour. The neat planed edges of our meranti PAR give a crisp, clean finish, allowing even novice woodwork enthusiasts to achieve professional-looking results. Maintenance of meranti PAR is minimal, simply treat it with a wood sealant, varnish or primer.

Meranti PAR
Meranti PAR
Meranti PAR
Meranti PAR

Good To Use For

Meranti PAR is perfect for pretty much anything built of wood both inside or outside – from flooringdeckingpergolas and fencing, to tableswood shelves and chairs. As leading timber supplier in Springs, TimBuild CSB has a very wide range of Meranti PAR. So contact us today. Whatever you need, we’ll cut it to size and deliver real quick.

Meranti PAR Specs


19, 32, 44, 70, 96 and 144mm





Please check availability of thicknesses

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